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IMCA/CMID audits

Common Marine Inspection audits are an industry standard for safety and suitability surveys designed to reduce the disruption of the vessel operations.

CMI is a standard audit, undertaken at regular intervals (annually) to a standard format (Common Marine Inspection Document, CMID). A significant part of the international offshore industry has accepted this document as the standard format for vessel inspections.

An audit conducted to IMCA standards should only be undertaken by an active IMCA member 3rd party company, such as VTT. A competent and independent third party should complete the audit, enabling subsequent clients or prospective clients to consider their results rather than carrying out full re-inspections.

VTT is an active IMCA member 3 rd party company

VTT will do your audit as efficiently as possible, with notification of any non-conformances immediately following the survey. A full report is normally issued electronically within 5 working days.

For surveys on a fleet basis, VTT can maintain a database of your vessels, with expected survey frequency, and will advise you one month in advance of survey dates, to assist you with planning and to facilitate vessel availability.

We can supply a full package, with follow-up of Non-conformances, and reporting status to your shore based management.

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