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Renewable Energy

Complete installation packages from pickup at manufacturer to complete installations.

In order to establish safe and operational criteria for the installation operation VTT carefully analysis each step in the project planning. Each operation will be planned in order to ensure safe execution with all predictable risks taken into consideration. The result of this gives an installation technique that will minimize offshore spread and maximize the proportion of work carried out onshore with consequent benefits in terms of cost, quality and safety.

During all project phases for the operation VTT emphasize personnel with appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge and experience of the operation and equipment. All procedures and equipment are subject for thoroughly examination to detect defects of weaknesses in relation to safety and durability.

A typical VTT supply is

  • All administrative and operational activities before, during and after project
  • Complete transport and logistic solutions
  • Design and calculation of lifting appliances
  • Lifting operation plans and procedures
  • Safety and consequence evaluation with risk assessment, lifting plans, selection of equipment
  • Safe job analysis and toolbox talks
  • Operational planning and execution of vessel mobilization / demobilization
  • Chartering of vessels, heavy lifting equipment and lifting gear
  • Project personnel such as Offshore work managers , Project Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Riggers, Welders
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