Tow in and repair at the Njord field

We where responsible for the provision of personnel, vessels, mooring equipment, procedures (drawings and all planning for the entire operation from turret disconnect to re-connect)

Complex tow-in due to tanker collision

The tow-in became more complex following a tanker collision immediately prior to the towage phase. The FSO was disconnected from its turret and towed to Kristiansund for thruster repair.

The collision damage repairs delayed the tow-out, but the vessel was successfully towed out and reconnected to the turret ready to resume operations in February 2007.


Pre-laid mooring systems and heavy lift transport solutions for thruster liftout.


  • Burbon Orca
  • TB Max Mammut
  • TB Belos
  • TB Boxer
  • BB Lifter
  • Barge Contant
  • Eide Lift

The Njord field

The Njord field has been developed with a floating steel platform, Njord A. The oil from Njord A is transported by pipeline from the platform to the storage vessel Njord Bravo, which is anchored to the sea floor by an eight-point anchoring system. The oil is then transferred from Njord Bravo to an oil tanker, for transportation to the market.

Njord Bravo has an oil storage capacity of 110,000 cubic meter. Production from the Njord oil field started in September 1997.

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