Mooring system for Sevan Voyageur

Planning and execution of mobilisation, installation and demobilisation for 12 suction anchors and submerge chain segment for the Sevan 300 Voyageur.

What we did

  • Perform mobilization of installation equipment and vessels used in operation
  • Perform pre installation woks on the field
  • Installation of mooring legs which include suction anchors and mooring chains with sub sea rigging for future recovery.
  • ROV as build documentation
  • Demobilization of equipment

About Shelly Field

Shelly Field is located on the UK sector, 192 km from Fraseburgh, Scotland and 32 km from the UK/Norwegian transboundary line. Wather depth approx. 95 meter.

Sevan Marine
Shelly field (North Sea)
United Kingdom
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