Company News / 29 October 2014

VTT implements SharePoint

In a move to stay abreast with technological advances and continuous improvement of work processes, VTT Maritime has recently moved the IT platform to a cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint solution.

Now all document areas are stored in a structured way in the cloud, giving much more flexibility in terms of access from anywhere, and much better sharing possibilities, while still maintaining the necessary level of security. More importantly, we will use SharePoint as a platform and tool for improving our work processes through structured document management.

With SharePoint we can facilitate the use of templates and creation of standardised work areas, and the solution also gives us much better tools for team collaboration, both internally and with authorised external users, be it customers or suppliers. VTT’s vast document base from two decades has been imported into the solution and is readily available through SharePoints powerful search functionality. This represents a great value in terms of reuse of previous work and knowledge.

"This solution gives us a much better way of structuring our information and documents according to our procedures, and gives us much better traceability."
- Roar Berg, COO of VTT Maritime

Our QHSE system has also been imported and is now implemented in a structured way with metadata tags. In combination with One Drive for business it is also very easy to synchronise relevant document areas with the local device for speed of access and offline work.

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